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YEZ : The Studio for Professional PPT & Infographic Designs

Professional PPT Designs

Professional PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) is one of the best options among Corporate Digital Representations today. The key benefit of PPT is that it speaks very clear & concise statements, but act as a pleasing combination of graphics, animation & multimedia. PPT is a kind of mediator where it links to different corresponding places on the web that add values to the topic. Like videos, PPT has also been generating high range of traffic from reputed websites through professionals all around the world.

PPT Designs company

YEZ Process of PPT design

  • Idea Generation (as per the requirement/thought from client)
  • The overall content plan
  • Page classifications on PPT along with page titles
  • Adding rough text draft and rough design idea on each page
  • Approval from client
  • Fair content with rough sketch design
  • Approval from client
  • Fair content with fair design
  • Master PPT

Share your basic idea. YEZ helps you to colour up beyond your expectations. Talk to us !

Professional Infographic Design

Infographic helps to keep an information more memorable through imagery, charts etc. along with minimal text. The best thing about infographic is that everything explains in just one long page. The attractive visuals would help creating a clear idea of the entire topic in a very interesting flow through just a single page. Usually, attractive designs on properly optimized social channels grab traffic that further helps ranking well in Google Image Search.

infographic designs in kochi

YEZ Process of Infographic design

  • Idea Generation (as per the requirement/thought from client)
  • End to end story plan of the infographic
  • Rough content & design plan
  • Approval from client
  • Fair content & rough design sketch
  • Approval from client
  • Fair content & fair design
  • Master Infographic

The entire story into just a single page. Do you prefer a quick try? Feel free to talk to us !

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